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Hoopy Parties. Kids Birthday Parties, Good bye Parties, celebrations. Entertaiment for kids in Melbourne

Addadazzling amount of creative play, action packed games and hoopla fun to your next event.


1 hour Hoopy Birthday Party includes hoops to share for up to 15 children*, hoop dance guidance and performance, hoopy music, party favors, added sparkle for all hoop stars PLUS a sparkling hoop as a gift for the birthday girl or boy.



Combine a Hoop Making Party with a Hoopy Party and make sure all hoop stars go home with a very special gift! Each hoop star will be given a blank hoop and decorations for making their very own piece of hoop art decorated in their own style.

$350 plus $20 per hoop**

HOOPLOVERS Hoop Parties kick off each celebration with a spinning hoop show-off, followed by fun filled hoop games.
Afterwards all party goers are encouraged to explore play and movement within the hoop. Games and guidance are provided to ensure all hoop stars find success within their sparkling circles.

Hoop dance is a laughter inducing form of expressive movement adored by children, during the HOOPLOVERS Hoop Parties all children will have the chance to learn a variety of hoop dance tricks and moves. Encouraging, playful and spirited instruction supports each child's confidence and self-esteem to ensure a successful and empowering event for all.

HOOPLOVERS Hoop Parties often end in celebration with a hoop show off/ concert performed by all hoop dancers wishing to participate.

HOOPLOVERS Kid's Hoop Dance Parties also available for large groups, school groups, drama groups, classroom parties and any celebration that deserves dazzling fun and a spinning dance party!

Hoops, music and party extras provided. HOOPLOVERS Hoop Party packages are flexible and can be designed to suit your celebration.

* A large space is required for more than 15 hoopers.

** This price does not include space rental should it be required. An additional fee will be required for parties larger than 15 as a hoop dance assistant will accompany Deanne to ensure the party runs smoothly and all hoop stars get the attention they deserve.

Ideal for birthday parties, end of year/term classroom parties, welcome parties, goodbye parties or any celebration that embraces joy and good times.

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